Limit Bandwidth Usage


This feature allows you to change the allotted bandwidth for an account.

Bandwidth is a way of measuring the amount of information transferred to and from your server. You should take care to set appropriate limits for each account. For example, users who wish to host video content will need more bandwidth than someone who simply aims to host a blog.

note Note: The system only checks bandwidth limits once per day, between midnight and 6 am. Therefore, the change may not take effect until that time.

How to change the bandwidth limit

To change the bandwidth limit for an account, first select the account you would like to modify. You may:

  1. Choose an account from the list under Account Selection, or
  2. Use the Account Search feature to search for an account by domain or by user.

When you select an account, WHM displays information about that account.


Image of the Information displayed when you select an account from the Account Selection list
Information displayed when you select an account from the Account Selection list.

note Note: The Disk Limit parameter refers to the account's quota, which is set by the account's package.

To continue changing the bandwidth limit for the account:

  1. Click Limit at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Enter the new bandwidth limit into the available text field.
  3. Click Change.

note Note: You may notice discrepancies between bandwidth information WHM provides and the information log processing program (such as AWStats, Webalizer, or Analog) provide. To learn more about this, read our documentation about bandwidth discrepancies.

PICK Important: Suspension and bandwidth limiting are 2 separate functions. Sometimes one is mistaken for the other. Learn more about the differences between suspension and bandwidth limiting.

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