Change Site's IP Address

For WHM version 11.38

(Home >> IP Functions >> Change Site's IP Address)

The Change Site’s IP Address feature allows you to select an account and change its IP address. This needs to be done, for example, if you would like each reseller to have a unique IP address or if you would like to host SSL sites.

To change a site’s IP address:

  1. Select the account or user from the list under Account Selection.
    • You may also use the Account Search feature to search for an account by domain or by user.
  2. Click Change.
  3. Select the new IP address from the New Address pull-down menu.
  4. Click Change.
A note about IP addresses

In order to change one of your domains’ IP addresses, you must first obtain the IP from your data center and add it to the address pool.

If you are running a data center, you will need to obtain your IP addresses from your regional Internet registry (RIR). Visit for more information.

Once you have obtained IP addresses, you need to add them to the IP address pool using the Add a New IP Address tool.

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